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I am the girl
who dated two guys
in high school.
Now two girls,
(who are friends by
means of the consequential
loneliness of being
young mothers in a
small town)
 have married those two boys
(who will always be boys)
and when they get together
they whisper about how
those boys better never
touch their kids again
and how they're so sick of how much
their boys spend on pills while they
sit on their hand-me-down,
rent-a-center couch watching as
the kids spill kool-aid on a worn out rug.
I'm the girl they'll blame for
how those boys are.

"That skank ruined them."
I picked a fight because
it's so easy to do
I know just where to strike
because you're covered in buttons

I made the wrong face:

"What?" It's not a question,
it's a threat.

I want to break free but you're not done
with me yet.

So I'll keep acting like there's nothing
After all, with no bruises how could I
prove it?

And you'll keep flipping tables
and making our babies scream in fear.

I'll still be here
You have a talent for tragedy
Every wayward pilgrim does
their wings dusted with open earth
as they've forgotten how to fly
birds on a wire
    they're just waiting for
 the "right" wind
    to take to the open air
 and live
   like stars do
It's easy to see now
like watching a movie
and you already know the
twist at the end

cause you've been here
a thousand times and
stripped of your lies
and the right angle

who the fuck are you?

You're no white horse riding
shiny armor wearing damsel


You're the insufferable drought
of character development
and originality
Fairy Tales
this is about you so keep reading you son of a bitch
I miss you. You'd know what to say. What to do.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I can never find a picture of myself that looks like the person I would like to be.

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I feel I am forever saying this but I only like work that is well done. That was very well done. Please keep writing.
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